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Screws, wood screws, nails for dimpled foil - production

Head srew with hexagonal nut

size: M6, M8, M10, M12



Wood srcew

SKU: ES-MA-3050   size: 3mm x 50mm
SKU: ES-MA-3060   size: 3mm x 60mm
SKU: ES-MA-3575   size: 3,5mm x 75mm
SKU: ES-MA-35100   size: 3,5mm x 100mm


Countersunk wood screw

SKU: ES-W3-50       size: 3mm x 50mm
SKU: ES-W3-60       size: 3mm x 60mm
SKU: ES-W35-75     size: 3,5mm x 75mm
SKU: ES-W35-100   size: 3,5mm x 100mm

YELLOW screw with countersunk head

SKU: ES-YE-3516  size: 3,5mm x 16mm
SKU: ES-YE-3525  size: 3,5mm x 25mm
SKU: ES-YE-3530  size: 3,5mm x 30mm
SKU: ES-YE-3535  size: 3,5mm x 35mm
SKU: ES-YE-3540  size: 3,5mm x 40mm
SKU: ES-YE-4020  size: 4,0mm x 20mm
SKU: ES-YE-4035  size: 4,0mm x 35mm
SKU: ES-YE-4040  size: 4,0mm x 40mm
SKU: ES-YE-4050  size: 4,0mm x 50mm
SKU: ES-YE-4070  size: 4,0mm x 70mm
SKU: ES-YE-4540  size: 4,5mm x 40mm
SKU: ES-YE-4550  size: 4,5mm x 50mm
SKU: ES-YE-5040  size: 5,0mm x 40mm
SKU: ES-YE-5050  size: 5,0mm x 50mm
SKU: ES-YE-5060  size: 5,0mm x 60mm
SKU: ES-YE-5070  size: 5,0mm x 70mm
SKU: ES-YE-5080  size: 5,0mm x 80mm
SKU: ES-YE-5090  size: 5,0mm x 90mm
SKU: ES-YE-50100  size: 5,0mm x 100mm
SKU: ES-YE-6080  size: 6,0mm x 80mm
SKU: ES-YE-60100  size: 6,0mm x 100mm
SKU: ES-YE-60120  size: 6,0mm x 120mm

Wood srew

SKU: ES-W1-1  size: 3,505mm x 25,4mm
SKU: ES-W1-2  size: 4,166mm x 38,1mm
SKU: ES-W1-3  size: 4,166mm x 50,8mm
SKU: ES-W1-4  size: 4,826mm x 76,2mm

Galvanized W6 hexagonal head screw

SKU: ES-W6-875       Size: 8mm x 75mm
SKU: ES-W6-880       Size: 8mm x 80mm
SKU: ES-W6-8100     Size: 8mm x 100mm
SKU: ES-W6-8150     Size: 8mm x 150mm
SKU: ES-W6-8160     Size: 8mm x 160mm

Construction nails

SKU: ES-GB-1625     size: 1.6 x 25 mm
SKU: ES-GB-1630     size: 1.6 x 30 mm
SKU: ES-GB-1640     size: 1.6 x 40 mm
SKU: ES-GB-1825     size: 1.8 x 25 mm
SKU: ES-GB-23065   size: 2.30 x 65 mm
SKU: ES-GB-23565   size: 2.35 x 65 mm
SKU: ES-GB-23640   size: 2.36 x 40 mm
SKU: ES-GB-23665   size: 2.36 x 65 mm
SKU: ES-GB-25030   size: 2.50 x 30 mm
SKU: ES-GB-25040   size: 2.50 x 40 mm
SKU: ES-GB-26550   size: 2.65 x 50 mm
SKU: ES-GB-26565   size: 2.65 x 65 mm
SKU: ES-GB-3050     size: 3.0 x 50 mm
SKU: ES-GB-37575   size: 3.75 x 75 mm

EPAL ring nails for the assembly of single pallets

SKU: ES-EP1-2840    size: 2,8mm x 40mm 1pcs
SKU: ES-EP1-3470    size: 3,4mm x 70mm 1pcs
SKU: ES-EP1-3490    size: 3,4mm x 90mm 1pcs

EPAL ring nails for pallet assembly, connected with wire

SKU: ES-EP-2840    size: 2,8mm x 40mm 1000pcs
SKU: ES-EP-3470    size: 3,4mm x 70mm 1000pcs
SKU: ES-EP-3490    size: 3,4mm x 90mm 1000pcs

Hardened concrete nails

SKU: ES-GH-3545   size: 3.5mm x 45 mm
SKU: ES-GH-3550   size: 3.5mm x 50 mm
SKU: ES-GH-3555   size: 3.5mm x 55 mm
SKU: ES-GH-3560  size: 3.5mm x 60 mm
SKU: ES-GH-3565   size: 3.5mm x 65 mm
SKU: ES-GH-3570   size: 3.5mm x 70 mm
SKU: ES-GH-3575   size: 3.5mm x 75 mm


Hardended nails with pvc washer for dimpled foil

SKU: ES-GHP-3545   size: 3.5mm x 45 mm
SKU: ES-GHP-3550   size: 3.5mm x 50 mm
SKU: ES-GHP-3555   size: 3.5mm x 55 mm
SKU: ES-GHP-3560   size: 3.5mm x 60 mm
SKU: ES-GHP-3565   size: 3.5mm x 65 mm
SKU: ES-GHP-3570   size: 3.5mm x 70 mm
SKU: ES-GHP-3575   size: 3.5mm x 75 mm


Galvanized wood srews

SKU: ES-WO-5100  size: 5 x 100 mm.

Galvanized wood screws

SKU: ES-WP-5100  size: 5 x 100 mm. with epdm washer.

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